Passionate • Inspiring • Approachable • Empowering

I was formally educated in England & France and spent my early twenties travelling the world working in the tourism industry. Having saved some money, I bought my first buy-to- let property at the age of 25. I then spent the next twenty years bringing up my two daughters and working in my family business as a director of marketing and development. In this role I was involved with property projects including the building of a new block of six apartments, conversion of garages into two apartments, restoration of an old farmhouse (c.1632) and the conversion of barns into a self-catering units. Following a change in my personal circumstances I found myself in a difficult financial position with zero income and no pension in place. My youngest daughter was at home with a long-term illness so I was unable to go out to find employment. As I had some property experience, I managed to buy two buy-to-let’s through a mortgage & equity release. Having read the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, I understood the concept of passive income and thankfully found a property investment training company and went through all their trainings. Due to hard work and persistence, it took only 18 months for me to become financially free.

As well as my growing portfolio (£3.5 million of property purchased in the last 36 months), I have a development company specialising in Grade 2 listed restorations. I’m experienced in working alongside industry professionals such as financial brokers, solicitors, architects, surveyors, planning consultants, project managers, builders, structural engineers and landscape/garden designers. I use several investment strategies to build my portfolio within a ten mile radius of the Georgian city of Bath, for cash flow and capital growth. To achieve this, I work with buy-to-let mortgage lenders, bridging companies and private investors, some of whom are high net worth individuals. I also ‘flip’ property with ‘non of my own money’, which provides a return for my investors and gives me lump sums to invest. Additionally, I have a business consultancy and coach clients, supporting and guiding them to develop multiple income streams with a strong focus on professional business development, goal setting and mindset.

My areas of property expertise include:
        ♦  Finance (equity release, bridging, private investor, re-mortgage etc.)
        ♦  Property Refurbishment (standard & high end)
        ♦  Property Restoration (Grade 2 Listed Specialist)
        ♦  Buy to Lets (Family, Student & Professional)
        ♦  City Centre ‘Baby’ HMO’s
        ♦  Large Country Houses (‘High end’)
        ♦  Property Development
        ♦  Land Development (UK & Cayman Islands, British Overseas Territory)
        ♦  Planning
        ♦  Buy to Sell (Flips)
        ♦  Asset Stripping

My long-term goal, with the support of my current mentor, is to expand further my existing portfolio to provide a high passive income. This will not only enable me to leave a legacy to my children, but to have financial security and more free time to peruse my passions of business coaching, travel, conservation and preserving the countryside for future generations.

During your time with me, I will tailor the duration exclusively to teach you the fastest way to invest your financial resources, leveraging other people’s time and money, to bring you financial results. In a friendly and constructive manner, we will review deals and crunch the numbers to give you a clear idea of what is possible. Depending on your circumstances, together we will develop a strong strategy to enable you to move forward. We will set achievable goals to get you to your financial freedom figure and I will show you how to be methodical and clear about your next property investing steps.

I am empathetic and approachable in nature but equally a tenacious, no-nonsense character. It gives me enormous pleasure to help others achieve their goals, something I am very passionate about. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together!