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“I have known Catherine on both a personal and professional level for the past 5 years. She always puts 100% into whatever projects she is working on and her enthusiasm is contagious. I first met Catherine when I helped her parents re-design their living room and we have since worked together on a couple of other projects including the styling and photographing of a beautiful period property, which she had painstakingly restored and brought back to life.Catherine is a dynamic and accomplished professional, who is always ready to lead and inspire others. She is also one of the most genuine and personable business women I have had the pleasure to meet. She has provoked thoughts and creative ideas to help me establish and grow my own business. I have found her social media posts especially inspiring – she is a constant champion of self-belief and development. Catherine’s motivation and dedication to her work and the people she meets along the way is truly remarkable and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to do business with her!”

Mandy Oestreich , Interior Designer & Stylist, Marloe Interiors

"Being mentored by Catherine McGuire has been very rewarding to me. Obviously, her vast experience in the property investment business helped me extremely to feel more secure in my endeavors. She has shared her knowledge without any limitations.
Getting to know Catherine a bit more, I realized that her vast experience expands to many different fields. Not only is she extremely business savvy, but also intelligently patient and constantly evolving and most of all, she relentlessly continues to help others to becoming equipped for success. With all her successes she never forgets to give back to the community and always strives to make a good difference.
I have been very lucky to receive business and life mentoring from Catherine and she has become my role model."

Simone, Demont Group LLC

“Catherine is an incredible powerhouse of inspiration. Her tenacity and determination to create a life and livelihood of her dreams knows no bounds and I truly believe Catherine will accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Catherine is an excellent coach and mentor. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to seek advice from someone who has share similar experiences of setting up their own company and working through challenges. Catherine epitomises perseverance and entrepreneurialism and I am always left bubbling with enthusiasm and actions after our meetings. She has a marvellous skill of both listening to you and shinning a light on the things you have left unsaid which are the exact areas you need to focus on! Endlessly positive, I feel I can achieve anything with Catherine on my team. I was fortunate to take part in her Mastermind group and can honestly say I achieved more in that year both professionally and personally than ever before. I look forward to working with Catherine to help create the future of my dreams and would thoroughly recommend her skills to everyone who wants to receive savvy business advice, empathy and empowerment.”

Sarah Attwood, Thrive Health and Wellness, Entrepreneur & Business owner

“Catherine is an amazing lady that has done extensive continued training to enhance her coaching and mentoring business. As a result, I have benefited by being mentored by Catherine to take my business to the next level. She is not only experienced in all aspects of property but also in her ability to make creative suggestions for business development and sustainability! An amazing mentor, do use her!!”

Cheryl Stevenson, Professional Property Investor

“Since working with Catherine, I've doubled my business income to reach six figures in less than 6 months AND I hit a major goal and bought my first house (I thought that would take me 5 years, but Catherine's all about how to achieve your goals FAST)!

Now we're working on the next set of goals and I'm stretched and scared but excited to see what I can do, because I know Catherine's going to hold me accountable and stand for my dreams every step of the way, especially when I get scared and tempted to back away from something that seems too big.

Catherine's a strong, inspirational woman who's achieved phenomenal things in her own life and business, and I'm so proud and grateful to have her as my coach and mentor. I cannot recommend Catherine enough.”

Maxine Loader, Small business social media training and consultancy, Ginger Basil Ltd.

“What a powerhouse of an entrepreneur and human being Catherine is! A not often seen combination of inspiring, motivational and action-focused, Catherine is the real deal. She helped me to reach giddy heights I didn't think were possible, while staying very firmly planted on the ground and being really relatable. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this awesome coach to anyone wanting to go places and fast!”

Pippa Parfait, Life & Leadership Coach. The Courageous Belonging Coach

“Catherine McGuire has made a huge impact on how I think about my property business and myself now. With her coaching Catherine helped me to be more flexible in my thinking, helped me to be more organised by showing me how to prioritise tasks, helped me to be confident in myself, was showing me how to look for potential investment areas, put me in touch with fantastic people and taught me many other useful business skills. Catherine as much as a savvy business woman she is very lovely, very approachable and very understanding. She has a vast knowledge on so many different things. She is a gem.”

Erika Swierczewski

“Catherine is undoubtedly the most successful business woman I know. We studied together to develop property businesses and her portfolio has gone from strength to strength as she loves a challenge, will find a way round obstacles and never takes no for an answer! In additional to her great portfolio, she has developed a tremendous career as a coach, speaker, trainer and mentor in just a few years, to the point where she is now requested to do all of these worldwide. Tenacious and Incredibly driven, she is extremely focussed and goal-oriented and has the endless energy and commitment to reach each goal she sets …. and is always planning the next! Her exceptional people skills, life experience and business acumen have enabled her to leave so many others with the confidence and skills they need to achieve success after spending time with her, no matter what age, or stage of their journey they are at. She manages to be hugely successful at everything she does in business, whilst remaining caring and passionate about helping others. A true inspiration to me, to her family and to all those who are lucky enough to have worked with her or simply just to know her

Alex Lambert, Business Consultant, AMAC Business Solutions

"Catherine has helped me to develop systems and procedures to run our small business more effectively.  She has also provided valuable insight into managing personal finances and investments."    

Mike Maidment, GreenLifeOrganics


“I have known Catherine for a number of years. She is always willing to share her knowledge and help you with any queries or issues you have. She has enormous wealth of knowledge and has helped me move my businesses forward. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”                    

Rosie Semaj, UK Tax Simplified

“Working with Catherine is an absolute pleasure. There are very few individuals who are as organised, positive and motivating. It is so refreshing to meet someone who is impeccable with their time keeping and delivery. Catherine spins a lot of plates and does it unbelievably well. Catherine's discipline is a huge inspiration. A prime example of how hard work and dedication leads to success.

Michelle Bryant, Chartered Accountant

“Catherine is incredibly professional and totally devoted to anyone who meets her. She is tremendously hard working & has a lot of knowledge and experience to give. As a senior mentor she has helped hundreds of students fulfil their goals and dreams of becoming property investors and is it through her sheer commitment to helping others that this has been made possible. I would highly recommend Catherine in any life setting as when you meet her she is a ray of sunshine you’ll be grateful to have.”

Sheila Chudasama, International Customer Service Manager

Working with Catherine is an inspiring experience. Providing marketing support for Catherine I see how her tenacity has enabled her to set up not one, but three successful businesses. She is very driven and hardworking and her enthusiasm is infectious. She has the ability to get to the crux of an issue and identify creative solutions, drawing on her own personal experiences and her business acumen. Working with Catherine I’ve seen how she uses her training in Neural Linguistic Programming to positively impact interactions.”

Claire White, Freelance Marketeer          


“It was fantastic working with Catherine. She has exceptional expertise in her field and is very knowledgeable and open minded. Her business coaching is forward thinking and progressive, which has given me the tools and contacts to develop my business to move me forward. I have achieved so much. Thank you Catherine for all your invaluable help.”

Pricilla Yilmaz, International C-Suite Executive Assistant           


"This has been a life-changing year. The formulas and processes Catherine has taught me is the best things I've learned."      

Jazmine Wolf, The Wolf Coaching Organisation


"Catherine McGuire is an inspirational coach and mentor. She possesses that rare ability to combine aspirational ideals with clear practical goal setting, leading to tangible results and progress. She has worked with me and my business on all levels and as a consequence I am now in a totally different mindset to the one I was when I started working with her 6 months ago. My confidence has grown, my work is flourishing and my goals are being met. Catherine is an invaluable person to work with on all levels."            

Felicity Keefe, Artist and Mentor at Creative Juice. Bath UK


"I am a serial entrepreneur & run two businesses.  One in coaching high level executives and their senior teams and the other is a global training academy. So, I always have a busy schedule & need grounding with sound, SMART steps and goals.   I have worked with Catherine for a considerable time for both personal & business coaching. Her style is very direct & commanding, holding one accountable and unable to hide.  Her understanding of business is so clear it enables clarity to come to a situation where sometimes it is difficult to ‘see the wood from the trees’.I would recommend Catherine to any senior executive that wants to take their business to the next level or that wants to branch out into property investing -  she will not only guide you, but insist that you get there!  Thank you Catherine for the direct assistance you have given me over the years.  Marvelous."                  

Tessa Kirby, Bath UK – Energy by Tessa & The Global Goddesses Business Academy.


“I approached Catherine because I was looking for support in setting goals and being kept accountable for making sure I was on track to achieve my goals. Catherine was incredibly helpful, firstly by getting me started with setting my personal and professional goals for the year. We then broke them down into monthly goals, which I’d never done before and made them seem more achievable. The result; my achievements shot up, I achieved all the goals set for each month and subsequently have nearly achieved all the goals I set for myself this year, including ones I previously couldn’t see how I could achieve. I could never have done any of this without the support and accountability of Catherine”.    

Chloe, Wiltshire UK

“I have had the privilege of knowing Catherine for over 40 years. During that time I've seen her develop from working with her family at their well established hotel business in the English Lake District to now being a self-motivated, inspiring entrepreneur who has created a number of successful business ventures ranging from real estate investment through to coaching & mentoring.

 Through all these ventures runs a common thread of an enthusiastic, clear thinking and thoroughly decent approach to business. Catherine is a kind and thoughtful person who at times has had to juggle a number of family related challenges with her work commitments - and in my view has successfully managed to do so. Catherine is completely trustworthy and can always be relied on to do the right thing. And she's great fun to be with and has an infectious zest for life.”

Henry Ashwin, Yoga Instructor & Former Senior Manager, Real Estate Risk, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Just a quickie to say thank you for all your help, advice and support this year... It's all been very, very much appreciated and apologies if I've been a needy Nora.  I'm on the right track and confidence returning... like you say I just need to be brave.”              

Caren, Gloucestershire UK

“I have known Catherine for over forty years, since we were at junior school together. She has always been a trusted and loyal friend which is why I decided to engage her as a business consultant. We meet up when I travel for business back to the U.K. from France, where I now live and Catherine gives me excellent business advice to help me move my international business forward. She is an inspirational entrepreneur and I find her very motivational. She always gives sound, structured guidance based on her business experience and I will definitely be working with Catherine again in the future. If you are looking for someone empathetic, but driven and focussed, you’ll not find a better business coach than Catherine.”

Adele Brizard, Entrepreneur, Racing skills & textiles for horses, CEO Elgin Equestrian (France)

“Catherine is brilliant, she is full of knowledge and wisdom which I have called upon a good few times now!  Catherine always has a cool head, is clear, precise and always so encouraging.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Naomi Summers, Owner, Go Get Organised

“Working with Catherine has been such a wonderful experience - she is a true inspiration. Over the years, I have seen what a positive impact she has had on her clients and all those who work with her. Unflaggingly upbeat, organised, driven and forthright, Catherine will do her utmost to support and guide all those she comes in contact with. Many of her coaching clients have seen tremendous success in their businesses after having had coaching with Catherine including increases in sales, profits and work-life balance. Catherine is truly committed to helping entrepreneurs and I would give her my highest recommendation.”

Vanessa Locke, PA/VA - Freelance


“I am absolutely overjoyed by how much I have achieved this year.  Catherine encourages us to set an equal split of personal and professional goals, which can be anything you want to do as long as you put a tangible action in place.”

Sarah, Dorset UK

 “Catherine McGuire knows how to get the best out of people by treading the line between friend and examiner”      

Geoff,  March 2018