Passionate • Inspiring • Approachable • Empowering

Over the past few years, I've successfully worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds to develop their businesses and feel passionate about helping people grow in this area.  As your coach I can help you assess where you are now, where you want to be next and then create a clear plan to enable you to get there. I can use focused action planning with you to help you work towards your goals, which we will set together acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses (which everyone has!). We can also look at how areas of your business can become more successful by approaching them differently using alternative strategies some you may not have considered before.

“You were born to WIN, but to be a winner, you must PLAN to win, PREPARE to win and EXPECT to WIN.”  - Zig Zigler

I enjoy the challenge of helping and encouraging people of all ages and my focussed coaching creates the accountability you need in order to progress.  We will have fun!  Business does not have to be all serious... working in tune with your core beliefs is important and we will discover these and incorporate them into your business so that you are happy and aligned with your daily life. 

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the INVISIBLE into the visible”  - Tony Robbins

I am empathetic and approachable in nature but equally a tenacious, no-nonsense character.  I like to work hard but also have fun! It gives me enormous pleasure to help others achieve their goals, something I am very enthusiastic about. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon!  I offer coaching packages on a six month or annual basis.  I additionally offer consultancy on an hourly basis.

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