Passionate • Inspiring • Approachable • Empowering

Catherine has been a full time business coach and professional property investor since 2012. Alongside overseeing her property portfolio, she has a successful private coaching business as well as a development company specialising in renovating and restoring Grade 2 Listed properties.

She is very passionate about what she does and enjoys coaching business clients from all over the world.  Catherine enjoys the challenge of helping and encouraging people of all ages create a passive income from property and other businesses through her one to one coaching programme. She excels at coaching businesswomen to develop their businesses, no matter what field or calling that may be in.  Latterly, Catherine was invited to mentor international investors in London for a major UK property training company and is enjoying the challenge!  Having a good eye for property and their investment figures, Catherine loves breathing life back into old, derelict or tired buildings transforming them into beautiful homes which she either adds to her portfolio to rent out, or sells for profit.  

Catherine is enthusiastic and determined to succeed. Her own mentor (yes, all successful entrepreneurs work with a mentor!) has described her as ‘resilient’ and ‘a bit of a maverick!’ She is well connected, particularly in the property world and strives to create win-win situations for all. She has had many life experiences, good and bad and has learnt from all of them. She has lived, studied and worked abroad in France, Spain and Australia for four years when she was younger, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. Catherine has a wonderful life partner and two beautiful grown up children of whom she is immensely proud.  She has known poverty and wealth and as a true entrepreneur has started a number of businesses over the years, some successful and some not! Catherine is very happy and hopes to pass that on to others with whom she encounters.